Where are your fabrics printed?

In Quebec, directly to our workshop in Deux-Montagnes!

Where are your printed fabrics made?

The majority are made in Montreal, not to be confused with purchased in Montreal! We offer a selection of printable fabrics that are truly 100% MADE in Quebec. *** Certain exceptions apply, read the description of the fibers carefully. Some come from China, but which are also printed at our workshop in Deux-Montagnes.

What materials do you print?

Our printable textiles:

(all our textiles are printed directly in our workshop in Deux-Montagnes, several of our textiles are even made in Montreal)

  • JERSEY 290GSM (thicker than 240 gsm jersey) material similar to cotton lycra (CL) thick enough not to be transparent, but light and flexible enough to be comfortable without being too hot! Use in clothing of all kinds - 100% made in Quebec - 290 GSM - Composition 85% polyester 15% spandex
  • 240GSM jersey (thinner than 290 gsm jersey) material similar to cotton lycra (CL) thick enough not to be transparent, but light and flexible enough to be comfortable without being too hot! - 100% made in Quebec - 240 GSM - Composition 92% polyester 8% spandex
  • SWIM 200GSM - FPS 50 - stretchy material perfect for swimsuit, gym top, sports top, leggings, sports shorts/skirt, etc. - From China, Printed in Deux-Montagnes - 200 GSM - 82% polyester 18% spandex
  • ATHLETIC KNIT stretch material perfect for sports clothing of all kinds, leggings (compared to the ATHLETIQUE one side brushed it is lighter, softer and more stretchy)- From China, Printed in Deux-Montagnes - 300 GSM - 95% polyester 5% spandex
    • Stretchy fleece perfect for hoodies, comfortable pants etc. - 95% polyester 5% spandex - 300GSM
    • MINKY soft material - 100% polyester (from China, Printing in Deux-Montagnes) Use: comforter, blanket, slipper, lining, etc.
    • SQUISH comparable to a minky but which would be double-sided, stretchy and ultra soft - 95% polyester 5% spandex (from China, Printing in Deux-Montagnes) Use: clothing, comforter, blanket, slipper, lining, etc.
    • DBP (Double Brushed Poly) soft and stretchy material - 100% made in Quebec - 240 GSM - 95% poly, 5% spandex - Use: clothing of all kinds and others
    • BRUSHED REPREVE POLY comparable to the DPB sport version, soft and stretchy material - 100% recycled made in Quebec - 180 GSM - 87% repreve poly (recycled material from water bottles) 13% spandex - Use: clothing of all kinds, leggings, hats, ideal for sportswear and others
      • REPREVE INTERLOCK PK light and stretchy material - recycled and 100% made in Quebec - 118 GSM - 100% repreve poly (recycled material from water bottles)    Use: sportswear, making washable diapers and/or sanitary napkins
      • INTERLOCK PK light and stretchy material - 100% made in Quebec - 100% polyester - Use: sports clothing, manufacturing of washable diapers and/or sanitary napkins
      • AWJ light, stretchy material, dry effect - 100% polyester made in Quebec - Use: sports clothing, manufacturing of washable diaper and/or sanitary napkin for dry effect
      • SOFTSHELL material keeping warm, windproof property, "smooth" front, fleece back, very slightly stretchy "polar fleece" style - 100% polyester - Use: coat, windbreaker, lining, poncho, sanitary napkin.
      • BOARDSHORT perfect for summer clothing, summer hat, boy/man swimsuit, or others - 160 GSM - 93% polyester 7% spandex (take note that this fiber is not really stretchy despite the high % of spandex)
      • LIVERPOOL (bullet) textured material, soft, comfortable and stretchy, perfect for clothing of all kinds, hair accessories, or others - 250 GSM - 95% polyester 5% spandex
      • CANEVA perfect for bags of any kind, tablecloth, curtain, apron, placemat, cushion cover, cover, or others - 230 GSM - 100% polyester
      • RIB perfect for making clothing, alternating stripe width 7mm / 2mm - 100% polyester
      • PUL perfect for making waterproof items such as washable diapers, washable sanitary towels, wetbags, bibs, etc. 100% made and printed in Quebec.
      • BATH TOWEL a soft imitation of your classic classic bath towel. Perfect for towel, washcloth, hand towel, etc. 50% cotton 50% polyester (the back is in cotton, the printed part on the top is in polyester)
      • MICROFIBER TOWEL soft, light, absorbent, quick drying, takes up little space, qualities we love in a towel. 88% polyester 12% nylon, 200 gsm
      • SATIN perfect for a ball, evening, gala dress, for your disguises or even pajamas, the possibilities are endless. 100% polyester
      • POLYCOTTON 43 inches wide, this fiber is mainly used to line a product. Polycotton is a low-end version of cotton, it is not a replacement. 80% polyester 20% cotton. For cotton refer to our section natural fibers
      • Cotton French Terry (FT) - 280 GSM - 95% cotton 5% spandex

      • Cotton muslin - 110 GSM - 100% cotton

      • Cotton 100% - 150 GSM - 100% cotton

      • Cotton Lycra (CL) - 240 GSM - 95% cotton 5% spandex

      • Bamboo French Terry - 280 GSM - 95% bamboo 5% spandex

      • Bamboo Lycra - 240 GSM - 95% bamboo 5% spandex

      • Cotton canvas - 340 GSM - 100% cotton

      • Cotton flannel - 100% cotton

      Can I send you my pattern to print?

      Yes! Please note that we do not buy the designs for you; if you want to print a design available in a web image bank, you must purchase it yourself and pay the usage rights. Your files must be transferred via Wetransfer to our email address. We accept .jpg .tiff .pdf formats

      Make sure your file is error free, of good resolution (300dpi), ideally in CMYK - CMYK (printing a file in RGB - RGB can produce color variations ranging from very minor to major), and in the right size because it will be printed as is. We are not responsible for file errors, nor for the poor resolution of the file if this is the case, nor for the wrong dimensions of the repeat.

      If you need your file retouched and/or resized, this is possible for a fee of $5 for any minor adjustments. Contact us.

      How to proceed?

      Here: https://www.noirblanc.ca/collections/impression-personnalisee/products/votre-impression-personnalisee

      Are your designs exclusive?

      Some yes, some no! Several patterns are designed by Julie (owner) therefore 100% exclusive, others come from image banks. Please note that for all reasons offered, a commercial license has been paid, we respect the copyright of the artists.

      What are your deadlines?

      Everything IN STOCK is shipped within 24-72 business hours via Purolator or GLS with tracking number or Canada Post in a stamped envelope without tracking number.

      Sublimation printing (synthetic fibers) and Direct printing prints (natural fibers) are shipped within 3-10 business days.

      *** An order including in-stock materials and custom prints will be shipped in a single shipment when the prints are ready.

      *** We are in no way responsible for additional delays caused by the carrier (Purolator/Canada Post)

      *** The deadlines cited above apply during "normal" busy periods, the deadline may extend during promotions, festivals, public holidays, etc.

      What are the shipping costs?

      Shipping costs are calculated based on the destination, weight and dimensions of your purchase. For small orders, envelope shipping costs via Canada Post are $4.99, without a tracking number and uncertain delivery time, you can still choose shipping via Purolator.

      The majority of shipments will go via Purolator, the costs are on average $9.99 to $15.99, it is quite possible that the costs will be higher depending on your location and/or the size of your order !

      What are your payment methods?

      We accept payments by credit card, interac transfer, Paypal and Sezzle through our online store.

      Can we come and shop there?

      Yes! We are generally at the workshop from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., however our schedule is flexible, so we suggest you write/call us before arriving on site so as not to bump into a barred door if we We're at a dentist appointment with the kids!

      Do you offer a quantity discount?


      We offer 10% off on the purchase of 20 meters or more of the same fiber, maybe different patterns, but not different types of materials.

      For more than 50 meters, contact us.

      ***The quantity discount can never be combined with a current promotion.

      *** You will always be charged the actual delivery costs for your purchase. Fixed rates do not apply.


      Please check your order for accuracy upon receipt and contact us within 5 days of receipt if there are any problems. No returns/exchanges/refunds will be accepted after of this deadline, even if there was an error on our part. No returns/exchanges/refunds will be accepted if the fabric is not in exactly new condition, i.e.: unwashed, uncut, even if there was an error on our part.

      Please take the time to carefully read the information regarding the different materials you are purchasing, if you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us. Your order will be replaced if there is an error on our part and not if you have failed to read certain information indicated.

      Any slight variation in color is deemed acceptable, we strive to keep images true to actual colors. On the other hand, we know that these can vary from one screen to another. No exchanges/refunds will be accepted for this reason. We are always happy to send you additional photos and/or suggest the best color scheme.

      Any return of merchandise must be made within 10 days of purchase.

      Any material returned must not have been washed or cut.

      Returns are at your expense.

      All prints are final sale. We consider minor printing defects of less than 1cm as acceptable as well as dirt, tears, deposits, and/or any other defect located near the edge of the fabric and/or on the back of the fabric, no exchange and/or or refund will not be issued for these reasons. The colors of your print may vary slightly from what you see on screen and/or from one material to another.

      We are in no way responsible for any errors or the resolution/image quality of the files you send to us. Your file will be printed as is. We will not accept any exchanges/refunds for these causes.

      Please rest assured that all of our fabrics are inspected before shipping, we don't ship anything we wouldn't want to receive ourselves!

      We remain available for analysis of any problematic situation, contact us!

      Washing and maintenance instructions:

      Printed fabric - synthetic fibers (polyester) - sublimation : Always favor washing in cold or lukewarm water, drying at low temperature and good sorting by color, for any fabric from any source . This greatly aids its long-term conservation, washing in hot water and drying at medium-high temperature will not cause discoloration. NEVER IRON.

      Printed fabric - natural fibers (cotton and bamboo) - direct printing : You must always fix the colors of your fabric before the first wash. To do this, we suggest a simple technique of soaking for around 1-2 hours in a mixture of cold water, vinegar and coarse salts. Afterwards, it is important to sort by color, always wash your fabric in cold water on a delicate cycle and prefer a mild phosphate-free detergent as well as avoid the use of powerful stain removers. For cotton, dry in the dryer on a gentle cycle. For bamboo: hang out to dry in the open air. These important steps will go a long way in preventing your fabric from fading. The printing technique for natural fibers (cotton and bamboo) is not the same as that used for synthetic polyester fibers which are not at risk of fading. It's important to know that high heat from your water or dryer air on your bamboo or cotton (natural fibers) as well as heavy friction can cause your fabric to fade prematurely.